I specialize in the psychotherapeutic treatment of children, adolescents, and adults. My training in developmental psychology provides a framework for understanding the potential for changes in attitude and behavior across all phases of the life cycle.

In today’s fragmented medical world, working with other experts as part of a team is essential in producing an optimal therapeutic outcome. I am comfortable with providing research, follow through, and feedback in a team setting.

I am also, sensitive to the notion that bringing into therapy all forms of art and culture is an important part in facilitating psychological expression and integration. Patients report that coming for therapy in my office is part of the therapeutic experience itself.


Out of network but you can be eligible for coverage depending on the policy of your insurance company. Dr. Salomon supplies a detailed invoice for you to submit for her services and many insurance companies will provide some level of reimbursement.

Artwork courtesy of Sherry Markovitz